Doug Sinclair

Doug Sinclair was born in 1945, graduated from Purdue University in 1967 with a BS in Chemistry and from the University of Wisconsin in 1072 with a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. He married Virginia Sinclair in 1967. They have three children and six grandchildren. He worked a Bell Laboratories in New Jersey from 1972 until 2000 where he published over 50 research papers on electronic materials and devices. He served as a department head and director. From 2000 to 2003 he served as vice-president of engineering at a start-up firm in San Jose, California focused on making advanced communications lasers and photodetectors. In 2003 he moved to Vermont to begin a teaching career at Vermont State Colleges and Castleton University. In 2005 he helped co-found Middlebury Transitional Care Coalition, which is now doing business as Charter House Coalition. He served as the volunteer President from 2005 to 2015. He served as volunteer Executive Director from August 1, 2015 until July 30, 2018. On August 1, 2018 he transitioned to becoming Co-Director.